Name This Font - The fastest typeface identifier and selector ever published
A Practical Encyclopedia of Letterforms
To test how efficient the font identifier is, you may download sample pages in the file “Test NAME THIS FONT”  (about 1.1 MB).  This sample file is printable. 
Run the test and discover how easy it is to:
• Recognize a letterform
• Find its name
• Select a font for your needs or project. 
To view (on-screen) more than one-third of the entire Volume 1 or Volume 2, you may download pdf files “View Volume 1” ( 1.0 MB) or “View Volume 2” (2.3 MB). These files cannot be printed.
You may examine on-screen how the books are arranged, get acquainted with all introductory text, and see the entire General Index and Cross-Reference of letterforms. The charts in these samples cover one-third of the alphabet (letters A through G) of each class of fonts.